For aligned teeth

Orthodontic treatment often puts off patients because they immediately think about teeth with unsightly metal braces and hardly compatible with a social life.
Being aware of this issue and sensitive to the aesthetic aspects of the smile, DentoSmile can offer invisible aligners, scalable, made-to-measure, comfortable (no metal, braces or wires) and removable (aligners can be taken out to eat without constraints or for a special occasion).

Portées quotidiennement pendant des laps de temps de deux semaines, elles vont redresser les dents progressivement et en douceur. A la fin de chaque période, un autre jeu de gouttières prend la relève. Il faut, en général, environ un an pour obtenir un alignement parfait.

Biotech Dental
In a few words

Established in 1987, Biotech Dental is now a leading French company in the health sector, with a particularly important medical role with regard to dental implants.

Designed and manufactured in France, all of the medical devices are the result of close collaboration between surgeons, orthodontists, laboratories, biomaterial specialists, professionals working in the industry and the Group’s research and development department.


  • The treatment

    This invisible alignment procedure can be performed by a surgeon-dentist, unlike the traditional treatment with braces and wires, which can only be performed by an orthodontist. That’s means a considerable saving in time and comfort for the patient, with all of the smile rehabilitation treatment taking place in the same dental practice.

  • Indications

    Transparent orthodontics are recommended for:

    + Overlapping teeth
    + Badly aligned teeth
    + Widely spaced teeth
    + Missing teeth

  • Advantages

    + Made-to-measure orthodontics
    + Discreet alternative to orthodontic braces
    + Removable: possibility to remove when eating, drinking, brushing teeth
    + Hygienic: possibility to brush teeth, lower risk of tooth decay
    + Comfortable and painless